Why Rolls Royce Wedding Cars Are Still the Classiest of Them All

Rolls Royce wedding cars aren’t the only option on the block. They’re not necessarily even the most expensive. Try getting KIT from Knight Rider, which you can do, and you will understand. But they are still the classiest way to get to your big day. Simply speaking, there is something about Rolls Royce wedding cars that you cannot imitate.

A symbol of class, power and prestige in the UK since the early part of the 20th century, even the first Rollers were things of beauty and comfort. Avid watchers of hit series like Downton Abbey will doubtlessly have swooned at the gowns, the opulence and, of course, the forbidden love stories (like the unacceptable bond between a chauffeur and a lady).

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But you have probably also had your head turned by some of the vehicles, which are the forerunners to some of the most beautiful Rolls Royce wedding cars of all time. Take the Cocksfoot limousine, for example. The mid 30s Rolls Royce model so rare there are only two working examples left in the world, the Cocksfoot was designed with coachwork by Joseph Cocksfoot, exclusive Silver Ghost coachbuilder for the company. His own masterwork, the Cocksfoot body epitomizes the class and elegance of Rolls Royce and makes it for a perfect head turner on any special day, at any location.

The versatility of Rolls Royce wedding cars is one of the things that really recommend them over and over again to their audiences. You can turn up to a beach wedding in a Roller, or you can turn up to a cathedral.

As long as the groom looks smart and the bride looks stunning, the Rolls Royce is at home in any environment. Sweeping through the city streets, ambling through town and country or arriving at a fashionable estate, the Rolls-Royce carries its own style statement with it wherever it goes. There has been a lot of interest in “times past” recently.

The relentless doom and gloom of modern life have sent us scurrying back into the rose-tinted rooms of yesteryear for our inspiration, for our entertainment, and for our lives. We decorate our homes with classic old adverts. We speak of wartime spirit, and long to be a lord, lady or servant in a grand old house. No wonder, then, that the already popular Rolls Royce wedding cars are gaining in demand by the day.

 Somehow the Rolls Royce has become emblematic of all that is good about Britain say engineering, longevity, beauty, elegance and style. Get inside one and you immediately feel like James Bond or the lady of the manor. It’s the ideal accessory for the wedding day feeling, as noted already, just as at home in the surroundings of a country house as it does on the ground of a hotel or outside a more unusual venue. There are plenty of different Rolls Royce wedding cars to choose from too.

From the classic limos of yesteryear to the swinging Silver Cloud, emblem of the 60s each one holds a value of its own. Beautiful in any surrounding, powerful and unforgettable, they’ll be the wedding car of choice for years to come. Rolls Royce wedding cars have been the popular choice for brides and grooms for ages and will continue to do so in the many years to come. It ensures memorable moments and also adds grandeur to your wedding. About author: Anna Mathews is a freelance content writer. In this article she explains why Rolls Royce wedding cars are still the classiest of them all.

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