What Jewelry Material Does Your Man Prefer?

When most of us think of jewelry (whether for men or women), we automatically envision the precious metals that many pieces are made from, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. While it is true that many beautiful pieces of jewelry are still made from these traditional metals, there is also a huge selection of jewelry made from stainless steel and leather, as well as popular contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten carbide and ceramic.

This is particularly true of men’s jewelry, which has been rapidly becoming more prominent over the past few years. When choosing the perfect jewelry item for the man in your life, be sure to carefully consider what it is made of. Men’s bracelets are one of the hottest new trends in masculine fashions, and you’ll find that they come in a wide selection of different materials and styles. Titanium bracelets for men, for example, may have certain advantages over those made from precious metals and other materials.

Jewelry Material

It’s not simply a question of how the jewelry looks, but also the unique characteristics that each material possesses. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most popular materials used in men’s jewelry today: Titanium: It’s no wonder that titanium is one of the most popular contemporary materials currently used in men’s jewelry.

Often referred to as the “space age metal,” it’s extremely strong and crack-resistant. Although it is not as scratch-resistant as super-hard tungsten, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s also hypoallergenic, which can be important if your guy suffers from a metal allergy or has sensitive skin. When browsing through the wide selection of titanium bracelets for men online, consider a subtle, timeless design such as a chain bracelet with a polished finish.

Leather: A long-time favorite in men’s jewelry, leather maintains its popularity in the current assortment available on the market. Lightweight and comfortable, high quality braided leather is used to make a variety of men’s jewelry items – bracelets in particular.

Although not quite as durable as some of the contemporary materials, leather jewelry is suitable for just about any occasion. Look for a combination of leather with metal, such as a braided leather bracelet accented with stainless steel beads.

Tungsten carbide: While titanium bracelets for men certainly offer several advantages, so do those made of tungsten carbide. Although heavier than titanium, tungsten is an extremely durable material that is also scratch-resistant. In addition to its standard metallic gray color, tungsten comes in a variety of other color-treated finishes, such as black and gold tone.

For a sleek addition to your man’s attire, consider a bracelet made of tungsten carbide with a high-polished black finish. Ceramic: Here’s a contemporary material that combines the positive attributes of two other contemporary materials. With durability that rivals tungsten carbide and a light weight similar to that of titanium, ceramic jewelry is becoming more and more common in men’s jewelry.

This material is a particularly popular choice for men’s rings, and it’s often combined with tungsten carbide in men’s bracelets, resulting in very durable but lightweight jewelry. Stainless steel: This extremely strong material has been around for years, making it the unofficial original contemporary material.

Once thought of as a material used primarily for cookware and household appliances, stainless steel is now commonly used to make men’s jewelry. Whether it’s rings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants, stainless steel is a great choice for men that lead an especially active lifestyle because of its strength. Whatever jewelry choice you make for the man in your life, remember to carefully consider the material. Select not only the style and design that looks best on your guy, but also what will withstand daily wear in whatever kind of lifestyle he leads.

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