Understanding the Characters of Spirited Away

Spirited Away captured the hearts of many people, not just the Japanese. It was released in 2001 and shortly after that, it superseded the Titanic records. In fact, it became the most successful film in Japanese history grossing over $289 million worldwide. Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed the film.

It was brought to the US in 2003. Disney spearheaded the adaptation. The film has a rich plot not to mention developed characters. Speaking of the characters, it will benefit if you review them. Here’s a list:

Understanding the Characters of Spirited Away

Chihiro/Sen Ogino
The English voice actress is Daveigh Chase. Daveigh Chase is also the voice behind Samara Morgan in the 2002 horror film, The Ring. She is also the voice behind Lilo from Lilo and Stitch from 2003 to 2006.

In the story, Chihiro first appeared as this sullen, whiny and gangly 10-year-old girl. When Yubaba employed her, the name was changed to Sen. With this, she became self-sufficient and brave as she wades her way through the struggles of returning to the human world. By the end of the film, she becomes Chihiro again but her features appear more mature.

Haku or White Dragon
The English voice actor is Jason Marsden. Jason Marsden was the voice behind Simba in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. Haku is a secretive and mysterious 16-year-old boy who can also take the form of a flying dragon. He is employed by Yubaba to do deceitful tasks like stealing magic. However, he commits to helping Chihiro to find her inner strength to survive this spirit world.

The English voice actress is Suzanne Pleshette. Suzanne Pleshette was the voice behind Sarabi, the mother of Simba in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. Yubaba is a witch that manages that bathhouse. She is strict and greedy. She employed Chihiro and changed her name to Sen to control her.

The English voice actress is also Suzanne Pleshette. Zeniba is the kinder twin sister of Yubaba. In terms of powers, they are equal. Zeniba criticises the misguided parenting style of Yubaba and her lifestyle.

The English voice actor is Tara Strong. Bo is the giant baby of Yubaba. She keeps him inside a luxurious room and surrounds him with a pillow. His world expanded with the help of Sen. Zeniba helped Boh by turning him into a mouse to escape the isolation imposed by his mother.

The spirits
There’s Kamaji – a spider-like spirit that operates the boiler room. Stink spirit is another spirit. He is an ancient river spirit that has been polluted. Sen helped clean him. With this act, he gave her a reward.

Then there’s No Face Spirited Away. No-Face is a sad and enigmatic spirit. No Face Spirited Away tries to repay Sen for her kindness to him. He is known for his voracious appetite. In fact, his character is believed to be derived from a silkworm. At the end of the story, he is shown to work with Zeniba as her apprentice – spinning silk.

You must know that Spirited Away received universal acclaim. With this, it is frequently ranked among the greatest animated films. In 2016, it was voted the 4th best film of the 21st century.

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