Role & Responsibilities of a Paralegal

Paralegals assist attorneys in every area of the legal profession. Paralegals can specialize in specific laws such as criminal, corporate, immigration and family. They are also known as legal assistants and their involvement in cases depends totally on their employer’s requirements. Paralegals have lots of responsibilities and autonomy at the same time and their main duty is to help lighten a lawyer’s job to a very great extent. Efficient paralegals are the ones who are team players and work in different setups such as law firms, legal departments, corporations and government agencies. As per a recent report, there is more than 15% employment growth for paralegals within the next ten years. So, legal firms may hire more paralegals and legal assistants to cut down costs and improve productivity. Individuals who have keen interest in law but do not want to be a part of the lengthy process of becoming a lawyer can opt to become a paralegal. Candidates with an associate degree in paralegal studies and some with bachelor’s degree get a certification in paralegal studies after completing their graduation to work as Paralegals. Some companies also give college graduates an opportunity to work in their firms and provide them with on-the-job training or involve them in internships.

A paralegal’s job is considered to be less stressful, promoting good work-life balance and providing many further prospects to earn high remuneration and get promoted. Paralegals or legal assistants get a chance to work in private law companies or in the public sector companies. They assist attorney in the tasks of preparing for hearings, trials, meetings and maintaining communication with clients. Such legal professionals can give many legal services but they are prohibited to practice law such as representing a client in court hearings, providing legal advice and accepting a client’s case. Paralegals conduct detailed research on the facts of the case, collect different documents from varied sources, study the legal case, write reports, prepare legal documents, draft motions to be filed with the court and perform many other important tasks. Apart from courtroom preparation, paralegals may also assist in preparing civil documents like wills, mortgages, divorce agreements, contracts; take interviews of the clients and their witnesses; and keep the clients informed regularly about the case’s progress. Maintaining contact with the clients may be tremendous or minimum depending on the law firm.

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The well-established personal injury law firm is seeking a Paralegal who has at least three years of experience, preferable with minor’s compromise and is interested to work in flexible work schedule. The ideal candidate for the Paralegal position must possess excellent interpersonal skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, excellent time management skills, ability to work under pressure, ability to multi-task and work with different personalities, ability to follow direction and follow through with tasks and excellent organizational skills.

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