Projek Raw’s Modern Spin on the 90s Streetwear Fashion Trends

One endearing characteristic of fashion is its ever dynamic and evolving character. When looking back on fashion trends of the past – the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it’s easy to see how even 10 years can make the biggest changes in what is considered popular.

Fashion means something different to every age group and generation, so it comes as no surprise as to why new trends roll out every quarter of the year. Some are completely new and modernized, styles that have never been seen or tried before. Others like to place a spin on trends of the past – this allows people to reminisce over clothing they knew and loved years ago. Lately, we as a culture have been using previous decades as inspiration for our current styles. This brings us to the iconic period of the 1990s.

90s Streetwear Fashion Trends

The Rise of Streetwear Fashion

The 1990s is best known for its “streetwear” style. The essence of this particular style can be described as relaxed, comfortable, and edgy. It is defined by graphic t-shirts, ripped denim, and long hair. As the 90s progressed, it became more dynamic and evolving as compared to the other fashion at the time.

The buzz about street fashion has recently resurfaced, thanks to several prominent streetwear brands like Projek Raw. Projek Raw is a leading fashion trendsetter when it comes to up-to-date streetwear styles and they never fail to surprise and excite their loyal fans with their interesting, unique, and practical clothing line created with high-quality materials. Today we are going unveil Projek Raw’s unique and innovative fashion preferences as well as their notable modern spin on the 90s streetwear fashion trends.

A Short Track of the Company’s Profile

The 90s was a generation of people who wanted to use clothing to better express themselves through more urbanized looks. Projek Raw was founded in 2001 and was intended for creative and open-minded people who continue to value self-expression.

Projek Raw aims to promote free-spirited wear that oozes comfort with style. This promising brand targets those who are in their early 20s to middle 30s and are open to trying new pieces to add to their wardrobes. Projek Raw’s willingness to innovate and to eventually break free from the mainstream is the reason why it sets itself apart from the competition.

Projek Raw’s Streetwear Collections

Projek Raw is a well-known brand in streetwear fashion. Their flair for men’s clothing is deemed refreshing and unique by many critics. Below are some of their trending collections that are inspired by the 90s streetwear styles –and always with a modern twist.

Denim Jeans

Comfortable, form-fitting denim never quite goes out of style. One of our insider picks is Projek Raw’s Jean Jogger. It’s a great example of comfort, quality, and design. It is the brand’s own spin of the famous jogger pants of the 90s.Just imagine a pair of pants with tight folding at the bottom near your heels complemented with a vibrant mix of colors.

Jogger pants were incredibly popular back in the 90s and Projek Raw has integrated this style into its current fashion lines. Using soft denim material that allows enough stretching to accommodate body movements, the Jean Jogger is indeed a breakthrough fusion of 90s jogger pants and definitely deserves a place in the denim hall of fame.

Hoodies and Sweaters

Outerwear such as buttoned jackets in the 90s were a global hit. In fact, some of today’s signature brands get their inspiration from such 90s fashion trends. Projek Raw, however, chooses a subtle twist while keeping the color choices both earthy and bold and taking the buttoned design to a whole new level.The hoodies and sweatshirts by Projek Raw are incredibly versatile and are making a modern comeback. They have a classic feel to them but with enough metallic buttons to make them edgy.

Hooded Blazer

Projek Raw’s hooded blazers range from grey shades to royal blue and black colors. They’re definitely an upbeat, practical, and stylish solution during cooler days in the fall. The structure of the 90s blazer is a prominent feature of the garment, but the addition of a hoodie has made for a unique theme to its overall appeal. This, we think, is a perfect design statement of Projek Raw’s attempt to introduce open-minded designs to those who want to step up their fashion game.

The 90s inspired looks by Projek Raw are also a great gift idea for the men in your life who like to keep up with the latest in fashion. Help them step up their game, look good, and feel great.

Projek Raw is proud to introduce a line that is daring and authentic. They encourage others to express themselves the way that they want with a fashion line that speaks volumes. Go see their 90s inspired styles today.

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