Know The Consequences Of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on a motorcycle can make a person feel very happy to travel. However, they are not fully safe to use as compared to other vehicles. Hence, the more the motorist is prepared for an accident, the less likely he will have to experience one. Learning about the challenges that comes while riding a motorcycle can actually save the life of the motorist as well as other people on the road. Generally, bike accidents are caused by the actions of the drivers. However, majority of injuries in such accidents are inflicted on the rider. Common injuries suffered by bikers include head injuries, neck injuries, foot and leg injuries, road rash, torso and pelvis injuries and arm injuries.

Riding without wearing a helmet is the main reason behind the fatal motorcycle accidents. As per a recent report, riders who suffered from only head trauma had more chances to be killed as compared to those who suffered an injury in other parts of the body. Under the state law, all riders and passengers on a motorcycle are compulsorily required to wear helmets.

Neck injuries occur when a strike to the back wheel of a motorcycle may cause whiplash. In case of a crash and the biker is thrown backward, it can affect the back of his skulls, injuring the neck even if he is wearing a helmet. If the head is not affected of the biker, a neck injury can lead to damage to the spinal cord and total or partial paralysis.

If a biker has to change the direction abruptly to avoid accident, he may suffer from road rash. Road rash affects negatively one or more parts of the body along the road. Road rash can lead to severe cuts and rashes that require skin treatment to prevent damage to the nerves and infections.

Motorcycle accident injuries can affect the feet or legs of the riders seriously. Due to the chances that the bike falls on top of the biker, injuries to the lower parts of the body is quite common. Such injuries are broken leg, broken foot bones, torn knee ligaments, twisted ankles. In extreme cases, riders may have to operate their legs to stop the bleeding.

Arm injuries occurs due to harsh landing and it often leads to torn rotator cuffs, broken elbows, broken arms, fractured fingers and nerve damage in the arm and upper parts of the body.

Bikers who roll after the road accident can suffer from dislocated hip joints and pelvic fractures. This can make them dependent and hence, they would have to go through long recovery processes.

Fractured ribs can be painful and it can increase the risk of cause of internal bleeding.

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