Is Fair Trade Jewellery The Current Trend

Fair trade jewellery has always been defined as unique-looking, but for a long time that was not sufficient for such products fly off the shelves. Instead, consumers were happy to pay for the standard commercial products, which used diamonds, gold, silver and everything else we have come to expect from high-end jewellery.Nowadays, things are changing. The world is starting to appreciate fair trade products and in relation to jewellery, the market is starting to improve substantially.

Is Fair Trade Jewellery The Current Trend

There are now countless companies who dedicate the whole of their business to the fair trade industry, as this guest contribution takes a look at why such items are becoming more and more popular.People now care about where their jewellery comes fromThere was once a time where the cost of jewellery meant everything.

Nowadays, people actually care about where their jewellery comes from. The media has covered the issue of slave labour extensively, so much so that consumers are willing to pay a little more for items if they are in the knowledge that they have been sourced ‘fairly’.Women now demand more from jewelleryOnce upon a time diamonds and gold sufficed.

Nowadays, women want even more from their bling. This is the main reason why fashion jewellery has become so popular and has actually become the main source of income for a lot of high street jewellers. Most fair trade jewellery can be described in this regard and rather than being the simple band with a stone, many are creative and offer something much more unique and cultural.

Sustainability is being drilled into usSustainability appears to be one of the prime topics covered by the media over recent years and while a lot of this covers industrial industries, let’s not forget that a difference can be made from a fashion point of view as well.In relation to fair trade jewellery, the issue of sustainability is especially prevalent.

Take a look at most items and you’ll see that they have been created with material that would otherwise be thrown away, whether it’s glass, old metal or anything else that is usually destined for the scrap yard.

The beauty of fair trade is that all of these materials can be renewed and made into products of beauty and this is again something that more consumers are starting to appreciate.Prices are decreasingIt didn’t matter if you were shopping for coffee or jewellery, fair trade prices used to be significantly higher than any other item in a store.

Nowadays, prices have reduced substantially and there isn’t too much difference between the standard price of an item versus the fair trade alternative. In relation to jewellery, shoppers are generally quite flexible with their purse strings anyway, meaning that this is one area of the fair trade industry that has probably developed the most quickly.

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