How to Style Your Brazilian Hair Extensions to Suit Your Face

In my opinion, Brazilian virgin hair is the best and loved by many people because it is beautiful and thick. Styling your extensions becomes very easy because Brazilian hair is natural, you can perm, blow dry and wash it without worrying damaging the hair texture. Learn from the basic guide to style your hair as desired.

Before styling your hair extensions, you should pay more attention to your face shape, because different style works for different face shape, if you want the one that gives you the best look whether you have chosen body wave or curly hair, you must know some tips that can help you select the best style that works together with your extensions.

Oval-shaped face has been considered to be the most perfect face shape because the jaw line, cheekbones and forehead are all in a balanced proportion. If you have this face shape, you can style your extensions as desire, any length and style will all work best for you.

A round face features a full cheek, for this face shape, you should not put all of your hair back, choose Brazilian hair extensions with graduating layers that will make your face look slimmer.


Square face has a wide chin and cheekbone, when styling your extensions for this face shape, just choose the style that could length your face, you can simply add some fullness on the top. If you can not do it at home, bring your Brazilian hair extensions to a salon hair store, a professional hairstylist will choose a good style for you.

Heart-shaped face has a narrow jawline and a wider browline. Just style your extensions into a long bob, it is the best hair style for a heat face. Besides, a choppy forehead bang is also a good style for heat face, Reese has a heart-shaped face and she knew bangs suit herself perfectly.

Pear face is not very common, it has a wide jaw line, when styling for this face shape, you need to widen your forehead and hairline area. A full top knot will be great on this face. Just pull all of your hair up into a voluminous top knot, and add some fullness to your top knot.

Diamond face has a narrow chin and forehead as well as wider cheekbones. Just use a bang or a fringe to hide the width of your cheeks, and you need to make you chin look fuller.

Oblong face has a long and narrow face structure. The width of forehead it almost the same as that of your cheeks. For this face shape, choose extensions in medium length with fuller sides. Curly hair is great for slim and narrow face because it adds fullness in the cheek area.

Brazilian hair extensions are the most sought after and adorable extensions in the market. The high popularity is due to their easy maintenance and style, each time you can spend a leisure ime and will get a perfect look. So, be pleased to enjoy a happy time by purchasing Brazilian hair at wholesale price.

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