How To Safely Insert Body Jewellery

It could most definitely be argued that when you think of piercings the most archetypal kinds of jewellery to get are, in descending order, earrings, nose studs and tongue rings. Understandably, though, people have located more and more sites on the body to add some metalwork to, including some that would leave many wincing at.

How To Safely Insert Body Jewellery

One of the less outrageous of these is the belly button and jewellery is known as a ‘barbell’ are worn in this area. As is the case with any piercing you have to place it in safely and to do the same when you remove it.CleanlinessGerms and infections are spread all too easily and you can certainly include via unclean jewellery as one of these ways for it to happen.

Every time you prepare to insert your body jewellery you should make doubly sure that you have washed your hands and the item itself. It is actually recommended that you take this precautionary measure a step further by washing your hands not only when you insert the jewellery but also on each occasion that you touch it.

The product you will want to use to wash your hands and jewellery for this practice is an anti-bacterial one and you should make sure that the piercing is totally dry before you insert it.Inserting the jewelleryIt is not always easy to add a new piercing to your body, especially if it is your first one, but so many people manage to do it without any problems so it is easily achievable.

With a barbell, you can help yourself before you put it in by having a shower, believe it or not. This is likely to be helpful as it will loosen your skin and allow more room for manoeuvre with the piercing. You should be taking a fairly gentle approach by gradually easing the piercing through one side having held the skin between your thumb and a finger to make a pinch at the site you will be forcing it through.

Ease it through slowly and make a feel for the other side you will send it through.Securing the barbellEnsure that you are familiar with how the stopper or another piece of equipment goes on in advance of you inserting your jewellery. This will fix in place to stop the jewellery from coming free while you are wearing it and it is advised that you do not take the barbell out for at least a couple of days.

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