Glamour fashion for trend hotspots

Fashion fury for the fashion conscious and budding young trendsetter there’s no end of fun shopping around for the best offers and newest looks, especially when things start getting festive. This season will not disappoint either. From glamorous grunge to army chic, casuals and contemporary takes on retro classics there’s a whole new range of options for those looking to create an exciting look for the winter season.

One of the more noticeable changes this season is the wealth of choice in women’s going out tops, with different styles, shapes and sizes making it hard to figure out just what you want and what might suit you best. Take heart, however, help is at hand. Why not try for one of each of the main key styles, mixing and matching to keep things interesting.

Glamour fashion

Army surplus Army jackets, shirts and shorts might seem a little over the top but put together with a few key pieces and you’ll find you have one of the top looks of the season. For instance, a fitted army blouse will look effortlessly chic and stylish under a tailored or leather jacket and can be worn with any number of different trousers.

Whether you choose jeans, shiny flash black leggings or leather shorts you’ll have just the right balance of casual-smart for an evening out. Classic retro chic Move to the other extreme and you can’t go far wrong either. A classic shift blouse with large collar detail is all you need to take an outfit up a level and make it suitable for an evening out.

Silk bows, button cuff detail and opaque fabrics all help to bring a little classic glamour into modern day life. Flash dancer whilst the classic and the retro live on, you can’t ignore the trend for the leotard top, which is clearly making its mark on the fashion circuit.

Moving on from the plain long sleeved body top this season is all about clever cutaway, straps and prints. Print it! When it comes to women’s going out tops nothing could be easier than donning a simple plain tee with an eye-catching print or slogan.

This style has been a popular option for trendy teens and glamorous girlies everywhere and is definitely not showing signs of disappearing anytime soon. Try a tie dye or floral print tee with a long hemline to wear over devastatingly tight jeans.

Or why not opt for a more gothic option and a skull print worn alongside large chunky metallic jewellery.Whether it’s printed, plain, long, short, belted or buttoned women’s tops have become ever more varied, providing more and more options for turning daywear into eveningwear.

What more could a Shopaholic ask for! AUTHOR BIO: Anna Mathews is a regular contributor to on-line fashion and style blogs. Her work touches on style trends, shopping, styling and commercial business. With a penchant for all things, retro Steph keeps an eagle eye out for good deals and the next big thing to hit the catwalk.

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