Garcinia Cambogia, Positive And Negative Effects

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is found in countries like Southeast Asia and India. It is small in size and purple in color. This plant species is from the family of Clusiaceae, also known by name Guttiferae. The plant is categorized into 1200 species and 50 genera.

The plant has a milky sap and the fruits contain seeds.

 It is a very popular fruit extract that is found in more than 600 products that are available in a drugstore. These are also found in the natural health supplementary food products.

The upper peel or skin of this fruit contains high levels of HCA (Hydroxycitric acid).it is the most popular supplement amongst people looking to lose weight. It is known by a common name Brindle berry as well. There are many studies that are being conducted to find out if it reduces fat or prevent the fat or has an effect on a person’s appetite.

Few researches have been done on animals but none have been conducted on human subjects. Therefore the claims aren’t verifiable.

Garcinia Cambogia

Common usage

Garcinia cambogia is most commonly used for aiding in weight loss and also boost the workout results. The results vary and are dependent on various factors like the age, the activeness, health history of the person taking these supplements.

There have been few side effects related with the usage of these supplements, user’s complain of headaches, stomach upset and in some cases of fatigue. Hence the reviews remain mixed.

The proper way of taking Garcinia Cambogia is with proper diet and without any salt content. These alone cannot do wonders on the weight loss program, they are to be taken with a balanced diet and also a strict exercise regimen is to be followed. Few researches have shown that there has been some effect on weight loss if these supplements are taken along with nutritional fat free diet but there has been no study proving that Garcinia Cambogia alone can help in weight loss. Check out the Garcinia extract reviews for weight loss here.

Precautions to be taken

Small researches have shown that these extracts don’t really have any effect on burning of the fat or improving the energy levels in the obese people. They only work for those people who have few pounds of fat left.

These are not approved by the FDA, and also the side effects are dependent on the frequency of usage and also dosage.

Any supplements must be taken with caution and also a physician’s opinion must be sought before the decision to add these to the diet is made. The consultation becomes more so mandatory in case of persons having an history of previous or ongoing medical illnesses and if they are already under diagnosis and medication.

Studies have shown that these can be taken for an optimum period of 12 weeks and also those people who are using anti-depressants should stay away from it as they might interact with certain components in the drugs and lead to harmful effects on the body.

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