Difference Between Attorneys And Lawyers

In everyday life, people make use of the words “attorney” and “lawyers” on newspapers and televisions. Even family members and friends talk about their requirements of finding a lawyer or attorney at times. The two words are often considered to be the same, but they actually have two different meanings. There is not a huge difference but a little difference that needs to be known and used in a proper way. In the United States, these two terms are often interchanged.

All attorneys are lawyers, however, it is incorrect to state that all lawyers are attorneys. A lawyer is educated in law and will be always known as a “lawyer” even if he or she has stopped providing legal advice to others. A lawyer in the United States is anyone who has completed legal education. But a lawyer who has completed law school may not be eligible to do certain legal jobs like representing a client in court until they clear the bar exam that is organized in the specific state they wish to practice. Attorneys are also known as lawyers. Attorneys complete their graduation from law school and they also have the rights to choose a particular jurisdiction to practice law. Attorneys can also legally represent their clients and perform all the basic functions of a lawyer.

An attorney analyzes and interprets law and also uses his knowledge of the law to provide legal advice to his clients. All attorneys can perform the work of lawyers however, not all lawyers can do the job of an attorney. In order to become an attorney, a lawyer has to sit for the bar exam which is a test that lasts for two to three days in many states. The passing percentage of lawyers attending the bar exam is below 50%. A lawyer can also work as a technical lawyer by being a policy adviser or consultant even if he does not have the power to act as a legal representative. In the United States, the term ‘esquire’ is used as a title for attorneys. Other people in the country who use the same term may be in a legal trouble mainly if they do the things that only lawyers can do.

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