Clenbuterol – Your Companion in Journey of Weight Loss

What is Clenbuterol? Reducing weight/ fat is common issues we come across every day, especially in body builders, models, athletes who are conscious about their career. Clenbuterol also known as clen is a supplement that acts as fat burning agent while maintaining the muscle mass. Clenbuterol acts like a steroid but is not actually a steroid because steroids have harmful side effects whereas clen has no challenging side effects.

Companion in Journey of Weight Loss

How is Clen used?

  • by body builders and athletes as fat burner and retain muscle mass
  • by models as slimming agent to maintain the shape
  • by overweight patients to reduce body weight
  • by asthma patients as bronchodilators
  • It is also safe for women to lose that extra weight.

Mechanism of Clen: A Knowhow

Clen bash or uplift the process of burning fat by intensifying the body temperature during workout. The drug escalates the transmission of oxygen in the body resulting in increase of blood pressure which in turn increase the heart rate to a level where body consumes fat and hence reduce the fat consumption in body aiding weight loss. Usage of clen by body builders influence in faster fat loss and increase in muscle protein resulting in powerful output. Click here to buy Clen in the United Kingdom.

Clen Cycle

For the body to adapt the medication of clen, the dosage is initiated with 2days on and 2 days off clen cycle then 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off clen cycle with incrementing the dosage from ranges of 20mcg – 140mcg for effective results.

The clen cycle is divided into 3 types depending on intake days and dosage of clen. They are

  • Bursting Clen Cycle

It is a simple cycle with 2 days of high dose followed with nothing for next 2 days continued for a month or an extended period of time.

This method of cycle might not lead to 100% efficiency.

  • Most Common Clen Cycle

The cycle is initiated with a low dosage of 20mcg-40mcg for the first 2 weeks and no clen for next 2 weeks, continuing from 40mcg to higher dosage until desired dosage for the following weeks. The dosage range may go up to 100mcg-140mcg. This method is most commonly used for years yielding to effective results for fat burning patients.

  • Incrementing Clen Cycle

This method is most effective resulting in efficient results. The cycle starts with low dosage of 20mcg, increasing the dosage weekly for every 2-3 weeks.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Clen

Benefits of using Clen:

When compared to other fat burning steroids, clen has

  • Rapid results in weight loss/ fat burn
  • Affordable by common man
  • Breaks down the fatty acids in body faster
  • Maintain the muscle strength

Side Effects of using Clen:

Apart from its astounding benefits, clen has

Short term side effects are restlessness, psychological issues, regaining lost weight etc.

Long term side effects are cardiovascular problems, increased chances of heart attacks because of increase in blood pressure and heart rate during usage of Clenbuterol.

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